The Companions of the Sabbath among the Qur›an The Holy and the Holy Bible Comparative study


This research provides a description drawn from the HolyQur’an, the Holy Book of the Jews and Christians on the ownersof the Sabbath, and looking at the comparative method, we finddifferences between the two sources. As for the Bible, their story wasnot explicitly and directly, and the people were limited to explainingthe virtue of the Sabbath, its honor, and its sanctification, accordingto the commandments made by the sacred texts. God is pleased withthe injustice of the Pharaohs, but they desecrated on Saturday andcommitted evil. So God’s wrath poured on the city and they turnedinto something like monkeys. As for Christians, the evangelicaltexts permitted work and breaking the prohibited, according to thecommandment of the Apostle Paul, from what we will see in the foldsof the research, God Almighty wills.