The context and its impact on the semantic guidance of Al-Manawi in his book Fayd Al-Qadeer


This research is a step to highlight the impact of the context presumption in directing the semantics of Al-Manawi in his book (Fayd Al-Qadeer), as this presumption formed the basis of the foundations on which he relied in revealing and directing the meaning; So he sometimes took it as a criterion for giving preference to the significance, which led him to reject some directives that contradict the significance of the context of the hadith. To implicitly confirm that the context presumption is the effective tool in directing the meaning, which was proven by the research at the level of: the semantics of words and the statement of omissions from the grammatical structure. Rather, it went beyond that to include the maqam aspect as an important party in the formation of the verbal event, especially in the honorable Prophetic hadith, since many of its purposes and purposes are related to maqam that called for clarification of a matter of religion or the statement of a ruling.