Geographical distribution of the pomegranate crop in Halabja


Agricultural activity has a great importance generally in Iraq and in this study particularly, this research focused on an important agricultural crop in the country, as the study area is one of the most famous areas of Iraq for pomegranate cultivation in terms of production and quality and quality of the crop. It also produces excellent varieties of the pomegranate crop, and most of the agricultural areas depend on the water of springs and springs in the process of irrigating the pomegranate crop. Where the distribution of the cultivated areas and the number of trees for the pomegranate crop varied from one region to another, and this is the result of many factors (natural and human), and the appropriate geographical conditions helped to produce good varieties, which contributed to the self-intensification of this crop and the export of the surplus of this crop to all Iraqi governorates, It has been exported beyond the borders of Iraq to some European countries. This is the result of the quality of the pomegranate crop in Halabjah.