Analytical Study of Sport Injuries Similarities for Advanced Players in Athletics


The study aimed to identify the similarities between the activities of athletics in sport injuries according to the body parts for males and females players in clubs and institutions of federal Iraq championship which is established in Baghdad (4-7 / 11 / 2020). The researcher depended on descriptive method where the research sample consists of 139 male and female players. 100 male players and 39 female players where participated in the study from most of Iraq provinces and the research depends on the questionnaire form which is prepared accurately by the researcher which was presented to many experts and coaches of the track and field games where the questionnaire included specifying the locations, types and the most important causes of its occurrence for sport injuries, the data processed statically by using the percentage and the grade correlation coefficient between injuries according to parts of the body for athletics activities.The results of the research shown that the percentage of common sport injuries for the advanced participants in the track and field games championship according to the type of the game and the location of the injury, also the study shown the similarities between the activities of running for short, medium and long distances concerning the male players while for the female players the results shown the similarities in running for short and medium distances, also there is similarities between the injuries of running for medium distances, throwing, jumping and heptathion, where a number of recommended and suggestions are presented.