The Law of Parties in Turkey and its Impact on Political Life (An Analytical Political Study)


Turkish political life has passed through a number of turbulent times, as coup d’état’s in a number of occasions have changed the constitution and political system in the country. Political parties have also played their role in bringing about fundamental changes in Turkey’s political life. Meanwhile, the law of political parties (No: 2820) issued in 1983 under the influence of coup leaders has a number of flaws that has negatively influenced the political process and democracy in Turkey. Some of these shortcomings are, closing down of political parties and dissolving political parties, as well as democratic and organizational issues inside political parties. All these mentioned factors are involved in paving the way to the emergence of a political elite inside these parties to control the decision making process within the political parties. This has led to weakening democracy within the parties in their internal affairs, as the political parties’ organizations and their public base are deprived from having their say in the decision making process of Turkish political parties. All the mentioned factors have negatively influenced the democratic process in Turkey. The solution for this situation is to draft a new political parties law which takes into account both international principles and the nature of political life in Turkey.