Ethical Values (positive and negative) in the poetry of the beginning of Islam


The poets of the early Islamic era were influenced by the development of the moral and social situation in the light of the advent of Islam, as the moral and social life in the pre-Islamic era was based on many false foundations that Islam corrected. Islam, the Noble Qur’an has become the constitution that regulates the affairs of society, and poetry and poets were not immune to these changes; On the contrary, their poems and poetic pieces were affected by it, whether in terms of form; or content; Or the function of their poems, and many of the poets of that era in their poems embodied the calls of Islam to strengthen the bonds of society in terms of consolidating principles that dealt with: loyalty, good neighborliness, generosity, chivalry, honesty, condemning wine, and arguing with the polytheists, as well as raising the generation on jihad, in When there was another current moving in the opposite direction, whose mission was to fight ideals and values .