Observation and Analysis of Wireless Network Performance by an Intelligent Technology


With the current concerns over computer networks management, there is a need for intelligent tools to monitor, analyze and manage computer networks.
This research presents the design of a mobile agent based network management framework (Traffic Watching) to monitor a network performance.
This mobile agent used in this work carries the code and the data with itself when the agent migrates among the nodes in the network.
This mobile agent is designed to capture internet and network packets that transferred to/from the Local Host and to/from the nodes in the network.
The information carried by the packet header is analyzed by the system to measure the rate of bandwidth used by the nodes in the network.
The statistical calculations which are done by the system are displayed in graphical and mathematical modes which give the system the easiest way to trace the network performance that can be analyzed and observed by Network manager .
The designed system can actively migrate among nodes in a heterogeneous networks environment. In addition, these data and forms gave the system best way to tackle its performance.
Due to using this agent, the network management policy has been changed and adapted quickly to the changes of today dynamic network environment.
This work has been implemented on a Pentium 4 PC, and programmed with C++.