The role of economic intelligence in enhancing the competitiveness of economic enterprisesIn selected Arab countries with reference to Iraq


Abstract : The research aims to analyze the reality of Iraqi banks using the applications of economic intelligence in order to achieve a competitive ability as an economic institution, giving the concept, importance, characteristics, types and stages of economic intelligence in addition to the concept of competitiveness and its relationship to economic institutions and its application to banks, the research sample. The researcher used the deductive approach and analytical method to form The project of economic intelligence and competitive advantage for institutions based on Arab and local models, and the researcher reached a set of conclusions, including Al-Mansour Bank’s endeavor to invest in achieving greater competitiveness than the Iraqi Credit Bank because of the facilities provided by the bank to its customers in addition to the development of technological means and electronic services provided by The bank and its reliance on global experiences, and the researcher reached a set of recommendations, among which it is necessary that the managers of the banking institutions, the sample of the study, be characterized by realism and efficiency that enable them to Controlling the institution on the one hand and delegating powers to their assistants to give themselves more time to plan, organize, anticipate and rely on practical and scientific experiences in the light of competitive markets, in addition to enhancing the strategic performance of competition depends on the institution’s ability to implement the chosen competitive strategy in terms of arousing the interest of customers in their distinction of the institution’s products from others of other products to achieve its goals.