Study physical- chemical properties in some southern Iraq soil and factors influencing on plasticity


Abstract: The study was perform on different uncultivated soil from six stations in southern of Iraq have been selected in each of (Rubat,Aljazera) , (Grraf,Naairia) and (Alishrqi,Alijzair) , duplicate samples were collected for (0-30)cm depth, after removed (1cm) depth of soil surface crust. Some physical and chemical properties estimated, Organic matter, calcium and magnesium, sodium potassium,bicarbonate, chloride, sulphate calcium carbonate have been evaluated . More over , plastic limit and liquid limit, plasticity index and clay activity.All of these perdicated values were highly correlated at 0.01 level . The soils texture(Lome-Clay) classify Fin to Cores (Rubat, Alijzair) continuously. The result have provided that the values of the plasticity index are arranged between 17-33%in Alishrq and Alijzair respectively ,except Rabat site was classified as active soil(A=1.24 ), which active depend on high percentage of calcium carbonate While positive significant correlation between calcium carbonate and plastic limits (R=0.44 at 0.01 level ( ** .All other soils are Normal active soils .Also it have provided that all soil which selected in this study are medium- height plasticity ,except the Alijzair soil classified as low plasticity soil.