The Organizational Structure and its Impact on Performance in the Public Central Library in Basra Governorate


The aim of the study research is to determine the level of organizational structure dimensions in the Public Central Library in Basra Governorate , As well as determining the level of performance also revealing the effect of the independent variable (organizational structure) on the dependent variable (performance) in the Public Central Library in Basra Governorate; and revealing the effect of each dimension of the organizational structure (independent variables) on the adopted variable performance In the library under research. The descriptive method (survey) in completing this research , and the questionnaire were used to collect data from the human resources working in the Public Central Library in Basra Governorate, which numbered at (80) individuals. The SPSS program is used in analysis data. The research produced many results , including: The value of the weighted arithmetic mean of the organizational structure was (2.601) , which are higher than the hypothetical mean of (2) , which means that the type of organizational structure in the Central Public Library in Basra Governorate is (automated) that adopts specialization , business grouping , official and central , is greatly complicated, and appeared to remove the organizational structure (at the macro level) a moral impact on the performance of the central public library in Basra Governorate. The research reached to: the need for the higher management to think about adopting organizational structures for the library that are flexible and work to reformulate its objectives and Its priorities in light of developments in the field of libraries.