Review Article on Superdisintegrants Agents Used in Formulations of Sublingual Tablets


Sublingual route of medications is preferred as it easy for patients including old people and children. In addition, it provide quick action and escaping first pass effect of liver when compared with conventional oral tablets because the drug is absorbed through blood vessels located sublingually which are numerous and saliva is efficient for rapid disintegration of sublingual tablets. Therefore, superdisintegrants are used to disintegrate rapidly. In the formulation of pills, many compounds are added, aiming to break the tablets into fine particles when water reaches them, which results in the drug being released quickly. Good disintegrates have a superior ability to act opposing the effectiveness of tablet binding materials and compressive forces to form the tablet. Sublingual tablet manufacturing targets the release of the drug in the mouth and gastrointestinal tract within a few seconds after swallowing. Therefore, the characteristics of Superdisintegrants used are important to be chosen correctly.