Thematic Networks of operative elements on Sustenance in the point of view of Qur’an


Abstract:The divine precedent is such that by his plan, all creatures benefit from divine sustenance. There is a definite aliment for all living beings, human and non-human, to reach out to them, but there are elements that affect this divine blessing and cause sustenance to be taken away, or reach to us, or increased or decreased. These elements are sometimes related to our deeds as humans, and sometimes to the divine expedient. This article is written by thematic analysis method. In doing so, first, all the verses of the Qur’an related to the subject of sustenance were collected, which in the primary thematic, more than 300 thematic were obtained. Then, similar thematic were combined and reiterative thematic were removed, and finally, 183 conclusive thematic were collected, which were arranged in three levels of primary thematic, basic thematic and organizer thematic. Accordingly, the verses that refer to the elements affecting sustenance are divided into three as follows: the operative elements of invitation the sustenance, the operative elements of increasing or decreasing the sustenance and its consequences, and the operatives and consequences of prohibition, denial, and ingratitude of sustenance.Key words : the Qur’an , sustenance , aliment , blessing , thematic analysis .