A Study of the Educational Conduct of Prophet Muhammad in Nahj Al-Balagha


AbstractProphet Muhammad (PBUH) is the greatest teacher and the last messenger of God, who is introduced in the Holy Quran as the best model for Muslims and humans. It is obvious that knowing him is the beginning of knowing all the divine goodness and perfections. Imam Ali (AS), his supreme student, has described the Holy Prophet in the best way in his eloquent speeches, i.e. Nahj al-Balaghah. This study intends to explain the educational conduct of the Holy Prophet, based on Imam Ali’s words, using descriptive and analytical methods as well as library tools and document mining to collect and analyze data. The results show that Imam Ali (AS) has focused more on three main aspects of the life of the Holy Prophet, which are: perseverance in calling for monotheism and fighting polytheism, ignorance and superstition, and explaining his pure and holy nature and his influence on Muslims, as the role model of asceticism and piety.Key words : Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) , Imam Ali (AS) , Nahj al-Balagha , Aspects of the Life of the Holy Prophet , Ali’s Words , Asceticism and Piety .