Voices of the Akkadian and Arabic languages - Comparative study -


Sounds are the origin of speech, and they are the basis on which the edifice of building language is based, and language is built from small phonemic units that combine to form other phonemic units larger than them. It is smaller, and the living language develops while it is in use, and this development continues and increases the longer it is used. In this research we dealt with an introduction and conclusions, the definition of phonology and mentioned its qualities as the study is related to phonology, the definition of the Proto- Semitic and its sounds and the sounds of the Akkadian and Arabic languages, and the effect of the use of writing The cuneiform Sumerian origin by the Akkadians on the sounds of their language, the influence of the Sumerian language on the Akkadian language as well as the influence of the use of the Akkadian language by multiple peoples, the temporal and spatial effect on the sounds of the Akkadian language and clarifying the subject of the comparative study.