Evaluation of Effective Parameters on Performance of Frames with Vertical Link Beam


Abstract:-passive control methods can be used to construct safe buildings against earthquake and increase resistance of these buildings. Braces are the most common method for controlling displacements in steel structures; braces are both concentric and eccentric. Concentric braces have high stiffness and low ductility, while eccentric braces have initial stiffness and proportional ductility. In eccentric braces, link beam is an area under plastic deformation which leads to earthquake energy absorption. These beams are either horizontal as a part of story beam or vertical located between story beam and two braces[1]. This study tends to evaluate effective parameters on seismic performance of eccentric braced frames (V-EBF) based on variations in performance point by using DRAIN-2DX. For this purpose, 72 frames with different link lengths, span lengths, and stories were considered.Keywords: vertical link, nonlinear static analysis, target displacement, capacity spectrum method.