Political marketing methods and their use in American election campaigns (Trump's 2016 campaign as a model


Since the 1960s, US presidential campaigns have relied on experienced and political advisors to help guide candidates. Clinton has hired in her campaign management the best and brightest activists and specialists, many of whom worked on successful Obama campaigns, while Trump is not. It is true that he hired a number of political advisors to manage his campaign, but he also relied to a large extent on himself and his skills and family members in promoting his election campaign, as well as his personal and extensive experience in ideological warfare Therefore, Trump’s election campaign represented a radical shift from the well-known contexts in previous election campaigns, as his campaign was characterized by strengths that distinguished it from others, represented by his adoption of many strategies and methods, which had a prominent role in winning the presidency, some even described him as a (marketing genius). By marketing his electoral program to the American public and working to convince them of it by covering its economic, political, social, psychological and security aspects, as well as marketing himself through this electoral program as a distinct candidate from his rival (Clinton) in an attempt to sabotage her image to move the public against her, and the aim of marketing this The methods are in order to influence the behavior and attitudes of the electorate and induce them to vote for him or not to vote for his opponent.