Developing the Health Care System for Smart Drugstore Based on the IoT and the Embedded System


Recent studies have confirmed that the third cause of death is medical errors, as many patients around the world suffer from poor health care. Many medical errors are caused by taking the wrong medication, expired medication, taking damaged medication, and taking medication with foods and drinks that are incompatible with the medication. The Internet of Things (IoT) technology has been used in healthcare applications to solve healthcare problems and medical errors for the elderly and people who need special medical care. A smart drug store was established using embedded systems to control the physical factors that affect the drug and contribute to the health care system. On all smartphone operating systems and computer operating systems and supports real-time communication with all work parts based on Internet of Things technology. The efficacy of action was proven by using 12 drugs that differ from each other in properties and obtained results of enhancing dose adherence (96.45%), adherence time (96.18%), and expiration (97.81%) through temperature control and alerting all necessary information for health care. A smart pharmacy protects medication from spoilage by controlling temperature and humidity, providing needed schedules for better healthcare, sending needed alerts, sending warnings about drug expiration or drug running out, and sending notifications to three pharmacies to provide the elderly with necessary information drugs. The product can be used in various workplaces, homes, businesses, and military units. The research was practically applied and the research proved successful through the results that will be displayed.