Negotiation strategies and their impact on sustainable tourism development - an analytical study of the opinions of a sample of travel and tourism companies in Baghdad - Rusafa side


The current study aims to test the relationship and impact of negotiation strategies as an independent variable in the development of sustainable tourism as a dependent variable in tourism companies in Baghdad, and then try to come up with a set of recommendations that contribute to the development of sustainable tourism. Proceeding from the importance of the subject of the study and its importance to the organization in question, its members, and society, because of its fundamental impact on their activities. The study adopted the descriptive-analytical approach, and its data was collected from (70) respondents representing the study sample by adopting a questionnaire that included (24) items by which the variables investigated in the tourism companies were measured. The research adopted a program (spssv.24, Amos.24). As for the most prominent results of the study, which showed the validity of the hypotheses, they were embodied in the impact of negotiation strategies in sustainable tourism.