Environmental compensation with climate in light of the provisions of international law.


One of the basic problems in the lives of peoples and the accompanying developments in political, economic, social and scientific life, especially the problems of climate pollution and compensation for that pollution, as it has become a preoccupation for the entire international community, as it is necessary to arrive at contemporary scientific mechanisms, procedures and means that will constitute sound solutions to issues. And international disputes that cause environmental pollution, so it was imperative for the United Nations to intervene to solve those problems that occur between countries due to climate pollution, and find means to solve those problems and exclude countries from armed conflicts in order to preserve international peace and security, and on the other hand, work seriously to eliminate or limit It is one of the unlawful acts that lead to environmental pollution, in addition to UN decisions and international legislations that oblige the state that caused the climate damage to another country to compensate or satisfy or not repeat that harmful act, or go to sue and condemn the state that caused the damage. A fundamental role in the issue of climate pollution and the treatment of the damages resulting from it, as it constitutes the main deterrent for some countries to override the environment and harm countries the other, through its unlawful actions and emissions from it, and thus compensation for climate damage is the best solution to address climate pollution problems.