The importance of security media in rumors


Rumors are considered a lethal weapon that threatens societal peace and destroys the morale of different societies. Each rumor has specific goals that a party، institution، organization، or department seeks to achieve in proportion to the objectives of the various institutions، whether they are political، social، economic، military and security. Hence، the mission of the security media begins in Confronting rumors and the resulting demolition of society and sowing strife among the members of the same society، in order to build state-building in a way that contributes to a safe and discreet social cohesion.The researcher reached a set of conclusions that can be summarized as follows: The sources of rumors vary according to modern means of communication such as social networks or through traditional media such as newspapers، radio and television، and some of them are related to external parties and agendas that have ambitions within the countries they target and use individuals within the target country as tools such as the fifth column.