New Distributional Records of Some Lizards from Abyan Governorate, Yemen


Two hundred and two specimens were collected in this study through field trips that were carried out from July 2018 to July 2019 in Abyan Governorate. Through which the types of squamous reptiles belonging to the suborder of lizards were identified. The list of classified species of lizards in the region was updated. The specimens were kept in the Biology Laboratory of the Faculty of Education/ Zinjebar - University of Abyan. A museum number with the symbol LBZC was given, which is an abbreviation for lizards in the Biology Department of the Faculty of Education- Zinjebar. From the results of the study, a new distribution of eight species of lizards was recorded from Abyan governorate that was not mentioned before in the region: Acanthocercus adramitanus of the family Agamidae, Acanthodactylus opheodurus of the true lizard family, Bunopus tuberculat lizards. Rough-tailed Cyrtopodon scabrum, Omani leaf-toed gecko, Hemidactylus lemurinus, Hemidactylus robustus Hemidactylus robustus gecko, Hemidactylus cf. robustus all belong to the family of geckos, Gekkonidae, and finally to the family of Scincidae, represented by Trachylepis tessellata. A map of the spread of these species in the governorate was also developed.