Evaluating the financial soundness of banks: - An applied comparative study of a sample of Iraqi banks listed in the Iraq Stock Exchange for the period of time (2005-2019).


The study aims to analyze and evaluate the financial soundness of banks. The soundness of the banking system is extremely important, because it measures the soundness of the financial sector of a particular country, and the evaluation of the financial soundness of financial institutions and banks in particular is extremely important, and is considered one of the main duties of regulatory bodies in any economy. Therefore, the banks listed in the Iraq Stock Exchange have been collectively approved for the study because of their characteristics and features that distinguish them from other business companies. (Year from (2005-2019) and the study methodology depends on the analytical method as it is more appropriate to the nature of the study, its field and objectives. Capital management: Banks that have low liquidity follow a risky policy, and banks that have high liquidity follow a conservative policy. The statistical results also showed that there is a discrepancy between banks in the level of performance indicators and for all indicators.