Effect of fertilization by Cladophora sp. on biochemical characteristics of Vigna radiate & Sesamum indicum plants


An experiment was done in pots at the garden of biology department, College of Science, University of Thi-Qar during September until November 2018. The experiment aimed to Know the chemical content of Cladophora sp. and it use in soil amendment as organic fertilizer, as well as its effect on some biochemical characteristics (chlorophyll content, protein, carbohydrate and ash).The experiment contained the following treatments: control (c) no adding algae, (1%), (2%) (3%) wich adding Cladophora sp. as (300, 600, and 900) gm / 30 kg soil respectively. All Cladophora sp. treatments showed significant increase in all biochemical characters compared with the control. (3%) treatment gave significant increase as compared to other treatments in (chlorophyll content; protein content; shoot, carbohydrate content and ash content) in both plants.Vigna radiate showed increasing percentage in chlorophyll content, protien, carbohydrates and ash (11.2% ,21.7%, 27.1% and 5.5%) respectively in T3(3%).As for Sesamum indicum, it also showed significant differences in biochemical characteristics in all the treatments and the highest values in (chlorophyll content, protien and carbohydrates) was (98.2%, 20.9% ,18.8% and 5.3%) respectively in T3(3%).