Using Game Theory to Determine the Optimal Strategy for the Transportation Sector in Iraq


In this paper, game theory was used and applied to the transport sector in Iraq, as this sector includes two axes, the public transport axis and the second axis the private transport axis, as each of these axes includes several types of transport, namely (sea transport, air transport, land transport, transport by rail, port transport) and the travel and tourism sector, as public transport lacks this sector, as the competitive advantage matrix for the transport sector was formed and after applying the MinMax-MaxMin principle to the matrix in all its stages, it was found that there was an equilibrium point except for the last stage where the equilibrium point was not available Therefore, the use of the linear programming method was used to solve the matrix, because the matrix was of a degree (5 * 5), so the result of the game was reached that the investment of public transport in the field of railways would achieve the highest possible profit and private transport in the field of ports to achieve the least possible loss