Predicting the Level of Skill Performance in Terms of the Explosive Ability of the Arms and the Stability of Scoring for Wheelchair Basketball Players


   The importance of the research lies in predicting the level of skill performance of wheelchair basketball players in Al-Amarah and Nasiriyah Club (on wheelchairs). Where the research aimed to identify the level of performance of scoring from stability and explosive power of the two arms in the research sample, as well as finding criteria (degrees and levels) for the tests used and knowing the correlation between scoring from stability and the explosive power of the arms and thus extracting an equation to predict the level of performance in terms of the explosive power of the arms. The descriptive approach using the survey method and correlative studies and the research community in Al-Amarah and Nasiriyah club was determined on the chairs. The researchers concluded that the skill performance has a direct relationship with the explosive power and the scoring stability. The researchers recommend the need to determine the performance levels of the players and pay attention to the explosive power of the two arms to achieve better levels in competitions.