A Study of the Reality of Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries for Players of the Iraqi Premier League Clubs in Football.


   The research included four chapters, where the first chapter included the definition of the research from the introduction to the research and its importance, as it touched on the importance of rehabilitation of sports injuries and its capabilities in working on the return of the athlete to practicing sports activity and returning to training, as well as to competition and optimal practice in football matches. In the obstacles that accompany rehabilitation Sports injuries in clubs and awareness of players and their coaches about their importance and their important role in preparing the different parts of the body for physical work after injury. The second chapter included the research method, where the researcher used the descriptive approach using the questionnaire and personal interviews that were applied to the research sample of Iraqi Premier League players in football, The third chapter included presenting and analyzing the results obtained by the researcher through appropriate statistical treatments and discussing them in an accurate scientific discussion. Sports injuries of the Iraqi Premier League players.