The impact of soft leadership skills in achieving discrimination in human resources: a field study of the opinions of a sample of workers in the Salah El-Din Health Department


This study is concerned with identifying the role of soft leadership skills, whose dimensions consist of (communication skills, development and training skills, cooperation and teamwork skills, professional ethics and values practices) in promoting discrimination in human resources. The descriptive analytical approach was adopted, as the data were collected through the design of a survey questionnaire and distributed to the administrative staff in the Salah al-Din Health Directorate. Which numbered (63) forms, (61) were retrieved. I.e. (96.8%), which represents the approved sample of the study valid for statistical analysis. The data was analyzed according to the statistical analysis program (SPSS.V22). One of the most important findings of the study: that the answers of the research sample were close to agreement with the paragraphs of soft leadership, and this result reflects the reality of the interest of the Salah El-Din Health Directorate in soft leadership. The study made several recommendations, including: The necessity of developing soft leadership in a way High in order to influence others, and to avoid any changes that occur in the future, such as (Covid 19) and others.