Review Article: The Role of Nanotechnology in Improving the Growth of Maize Plant Zea mays L.


Nanoscience science the studys the infinitesimal world, which is the world of atoms and molecules. The agricultural field faces many challenges, including climate change, the increase in the consumption of agricultural products and the reducing of the cultivated area, which requires the need to advance agricultural development to achieve economic and agricultural stability. Hence the importance of using nanotechnology and technology, which enables the development of modern methods in the possibility of finding and treating many agricultural problems. This is in addition to some of the main challenges related to the field of agriculture, including the low productive efficiency in the cultivated area, the large size of the uncultivated area, the loss of resources, including water, fertilizers and pesticides, and the loss of products. This is in addition to the food security of the developing population, which can be faced through the various applications of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology achieves remarkable achievement rates in community service and environmental development. Yellow corn production is considered one of the most important grain crops in Iraq to confront the basic needs of humans and animals.