Estimation Of Efficiency Of Regenerated Granular Activated Carbon


In this study regeneration process was carried out for exhausted activated carbon, which has been used for adsorption process of furfural from its solution by three different methods (washing with dilute alcohol ethanol 20%, washing with boiled distilled water at 100Co؛ and thermal process at (200 – 900) Co؛. The regenerated activated carbon has been reused in the column system of fixed – bed in order to estimate the adsorption quantities and comparing the value with adsorption quantity of original activated carbon under same condition (furfural with concentration 0.2 kg/m³, bed depth 5 cm, flow rate of liquid 16.16 × 10-5 m³/min and particular size of activated carbon (1.5-0.5) mm) in order to estimate the regeneration efficiency for each method which ranged (60-90)%.