Effect of Laser annealing on structural and thermoelectric properties of SnSe thin films


In this study, flash evaporation technique was adopted to prepare SnSe thin films onto glass substrates kept at room temperature. The effect of CO2 laser annealing on the structural properties and thermoelectric characterizations of SnSe films was investigated in power annealing (10 W) at (10,15,20 Min). Morphologies and structures of the crystalline were determined using atomic force microscope and X-ray diffraction .Power factor, electrical conductivity, and the Seebeck coefficients, were determined. The results demonstrated that the power factor and the Seebeck coefficient were enhanced as the annealing time increased. When the annealing time reach to twenty minutes at 500K, the power factor and Seebeck coefficient of SnSe thin films were found to be about 6.33 μW/cm.K2 and 650 μV/K., respectively.