Using Google Classroom as a Tool for Teaching and Learning from Perspectives of EFL Teachers and Students in Iraq


In recent years, the world is witnessing the emergence of modern technological innovations that have widely affected people in many fields, including the educational field which is one of the most important areas that have become binding to keep up with the technology and use it in the educational process. Google Classroom is one of those innovations that could facilitate the connection between teachers and students especially in the teaching and learning process. The study aimed to investigate using Google Classroom as a tool for teaching and learning from perspectives of EFL teachers and students. The researchers adopted a mixed method approach, and in order to achieve the aims of the study, two questionnaires and face to face interview were prepared. Their validity and reliability were confirmed. The first sample of the study consisted of (100) EFL students in English Language Department/College of Basic Education in Mustansiriyah University, whereas the second sample consisted of 18 EFL teachers. Both of the questionnaires consisted of 16 items to identify EFL teachers' and students' perceptions towards using Google classroom in teaching and learning. The results of the study revealed that EFL students have positive perceptions towards learning through Google classroom, whereas EFL teachers have negative perceptions towards teaching through Google classroom platform. Conclusion and Recommendations for further studies have also been drawn.