Alternate Sliding Friction Formulations of Elasto - Hydrodynamic of Spur Gears


In this paper, several sliding friction formulations used in spur gear dynamics are examined and compared in terms of the predictions of interfacial friction forces and off-line-of-action. Computing friction formulations include Coulomb models with time-varying friction coefficients and empirical expressions based on elasto - hydrodynamic and/or boundary lubrication regime principles. Predicted results compare well with friction force measurements and appeared completely conformed with specific objectives of this paper are established as follows: (1) propose an improved MDOF spur gear pair model with time-varying coefficient of' friction, µ(t), given realistic mesh stiffness profiles.(2) comparatively evaluate alternate sliding friction models and predict the interfacial friction forces and motions in the off-line-of-action (OLOA) direction: and (3) validate one particular model (III) by comparing predictions to the benchmark gear friction force measurements