Capability of Forging Technique to Produce Round Shape Flange Using (POM) Material Under Cold and Hot Conditions


The paper studied capability of forging process to produce round shape flange using acetal (celconR¬) polymer which is an engineering crystalline material having a good ductility if it is preheated The process done under cold & hot conditions This kind of technique guarantees a product with high strength and stiffness better than what injection molding could achieve. The products showed crack and curling traces on the flange under cold forging, but a good product was achieved by heating the billet and the tools to (100Co)with improvement in the mechanical properties. The paper discussed also through (stress – strain) curves manner of deformation through forging action. The results explained that POM (celconR¬) is forgeable polymer if it is preheated at (100 Co ) using slow speed press by closed die forging process under applied pressure of 170Mpa to produce round shape flange, while this technique failed to forge same polymer at room temperature.