Effect of Different Storage Temperatures on Degree of Polymerization of Tetric Evoceram Bulk Fill Composite Resin (An in vitro study)


Aims: This study aims to evaluate the effects of different storage temperatures -18°C, 5°C, 23°C and 40°C on degree of conversion of bulk fill composite. Materials and Methods: The tetric evoceram was randomly allocated into four equal treatment groups (n=10/group) according to the storage temperatures: A: 23°C (control), B: 5°C, C: -18°C and D: preheated to 40°C. After the material removal from storage. The forty-disc shape specimens were prepared with 8mm diameter and 4mm thickness all specimens cure with monowave LED light (LEDition light cure). After photoactivation, the specimens were stored in artificial saliva for 24 hours, at 37°C for complete polymerization. The degree of conversion of the top and bottom surface of composite resin specimens were determined after 24 hours of curing using FTIR-ATR. Results: There was a significant difference in different storage temperatures on degree of conversion. As the temperature of resin composite increase, the top and bottom degree of conversion of the specimens also increased. Conclusions: The degree of conversion of bulk-fill composite resin increase as the increase of pre-cure temperatures