Hydrological Modeling Of Assanna’f Marsh


AsSanna'f Marsh is one of the southern Iraqi Marshes. It is considered as a seasonal marsh. During rainy season, the marsh feeders start to fill the nearly empty region of the marsh and the water levels start to increase gradually. After the water level reaches a specific value, it starts to flow toward Al Huwayza Marsh. Studies on the hydrological properties of AsSanna'f Marsh are rare and there is a lack of hydrological data of AsSanna’f Marsh feeders. Generally, this paper was prepared to predict missing hydrological data, a procedure was developed and applied for this purpose, and to be used with the available hydrological and topographical data for modeling and analysis the hydrological properties of AsSanna’f Marsh. The topographical survey and the hydrological field measurements for a period of six months, which were carried out by the Center for Restoration of Iraqi Marshlands, CRIM, of the Ministry of Water Resources, MOR, were used in the hydrological analysis carried out by this paper. The area and storage elevation curves were computed in two different methods satisfying the existing behavior of the flow condition through the marsh. Relations between the inflow, out flow with the water level elevation, and storage and losses within the marsh were obtained. The hydrological routing showed the dykes surrounding AsSanna'f Marsh must be at least 11m.a.s.l to increase the Marsh outflow into Al Huwayza Marsh. especially at the south east boundary of the marsh near Al Msharah River. Maximum and minimum storages and the extended wetted area of the marsh were specified. The required inflow and outflow of AsSanna’f Marsh was studied, taking in consideration the wet, normal, and dry years. The maximum allowable AsSanna’f Marsh inflow into Al Huwayza Marsh is specified for flooded year satisfying different the design criteria of the control structures of the outlets of Al Huwayza Marsh and Kmait Flood Escape. A control structure was suggested at the outlet of AsSanna’f Marsh to ensure the full restoration of Al Huwayza Marsh.