Detection of Some Active compounds and Vitamins Increasing in Aloe vera Callus culture


This study was aimed to use plant tissue culture technique to induce callus formation of Aloe vera on MS. Medium supplied with 10 mg/l NAA and 5 mg/l BA that exhibit the best results even with subculturing. As the method of [1] 1g. dru weight of callus induced from A. vera crown and in vivo crown were extracted then injected in HPLC using the standards of Ascorbic acid (vit. C), Salysilic acid and Nicotenic acid (vit. B5) to compare with the plant extracts. Results showed high potential of increasing some secondary products using the crown callus culture of A. vera as compared with in vivo crown, Ascorbic acid was 1.829 μg/l in in vivo crown and increased to 3.905 μg/l crown callus culture . Salysilic acid raised from 3.54 μg/l in in vivo crown and reached to 25,487μ g/l and the Nicotenic acid was 19.391 mg/l and decreased to 7.438 μg/l.