History of The Transcript Its subject, types and written photos


We may have trouble determining the location, type, and reading of the date of the transcripts, The reason behind the point mentioned above is the lack of review of these texts or the specialists to refer to them constantly. This makes the copy lose part of its value if its date is lost or changed. Therefore, the aim of this study was to expand the definition of the unknown and the ambiguous subject matter, pictures, and types of dates that are recorded in manuscripts. In order to determine the date that determines the birth of the copy, regardless of its proximity to its author or its distance from the date of his death In the advancement of the profession of genetics and the multiplicity of schools of writers and authors, we find a huge amount of cultural heritage that needs to study the method that remained circulated among authors, poets and copyists. In a time that was full of renewed intellectual production, to put all the information we have obtained in the hands of researchers so that we and them can overcome obstacles and ambiguities from these texts.