Malnutrition and Its Impact on Child Mortality in Salahuddin Governorate - A Population Analysis Study


This study deals with an analytical presentation of malnutrition and its impact on child mortality in Salahuddin Governorate, through an analytical view of the nature of the impact of that health indicator mentioned on one of the elements of population growth represented by deaths in general and children in particular, as well as highlighting the level of its trend, up or down, caused by The number of health causes and challenges in the field of their negative impact on the incidence of disease patterns related to malnutrition, and consequently knowing the annual child mortality rate in them.The study reveals in giving a clear picture of the reality of malnutrition in the governorate according to the various data it provides that reflect the extent of the possibility and effectiveness of the contribution of health policies directed at its institutions and their role in providing medical services to its population in general and taking care of children among them in particular, especially in the matter of applying precautionary measures and preventive measures and providing them with it in order to avoid the risks of infection and child deaths resulting from it.