Genetic Association between Human Telomerase-associated Protein 1 Polymorphism with Bladder Cancer Risk and Staging


AbstractTelomerase-associated protein 1 is responsible ribonucleoprotein complex for telomerase activity, which catalyzes new telomeres on the chromosome ends. The presented work studied the impact of (TEP1) single nucleotide polymorphism on bladder CA risk. A total of sixty-two diagnosed by histo-pathologically with Transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) individuals and thirty-eight individuals as controls were implicated in the research. TEP1 rs222804 Polymorphism (C>T) was estimated by amplifying the gene with PCR and DNA sequencing methods. This study revealed that the polymorphic T allele related to TEP1 rs222804 Polymorphism has a considerable association in increase TCC risk with an odds ratio of 4.7. Also, a significant association has been observed between T allele and increasing TCC risk among smoker individuals 7.02 (1.48-33.25), p=0.01. Furthermore, the T allele showed a significant association for the T2 stage of TCC (OR=13.2, 95 % CI=2.7-64.1), p=0.001. This data leads to suggestions that the TEP1 rs222804 genotype could be involved in increasing TCC risk.