The Semiotics of Repetition in the Poetry of Al-Kumait Bin Zaid Al-Asadi


Abstract:-This paper, which entitled “The Semiotic Iteration in the Poetry of Alkumait Bin Zaid Alasadi,” aims to reveal the Iteration technique in his poetry. The researchers try to investigate the facts of this approach and its charming aesthetics and how it is structured and formulated. Also, they try to investigate to what extent the poet succeeded in formulating its structures by making it as an active tool in the poetic text. In addition, the researchers try to study the repetition axes and its types such as the letter, word, and sentence and how there can appear in constructing the sentences and how the poet can make poetic contexts with distinctive fossils. This process makes his poetic works grab the recipient’s attention and influence.Keywords: Semiotics, letter repetition, pronunciation, phrase repetition, rhythm.