Peaceful Coexistence in the Islamic and Christian Heritage Description of the monasteries in the Divan of the Caldians by choice


The Islamic and Christian heritage, with all that they achieved in the various aspects of material, moral and intellectual life, etc., is an extension of human civilization, which occupied a great and distinguished position in the cultural and civilizational formation of Mosul. On their heritage, originality and national identity. Hence, we aim to study the peaceful coexistence in the intangible Islamic and Christian heritages represented in Arabic literature, which is what was mentioned in the Diwan of the Caldian poets as a model, and it deals with an aspect of describing human civilization represented by monasteries through a set of descriptive laws that regulate human relations and affirm coexistence, which is reflected On the civilizational identity of Mosul, and thus reflects the Islamic-Christian cultural blending that still exists to this day.