The effect of using a suggested aid to develop learning the skill of shooting by jumping in basketball among middle school students


The aim of the research is to prepare a proposed method to develop the skill of shooting by jumping with basketball among middle school students, and the researchers were committed to following the scientific research procedures through the exploratory experiment to ensure the validity of the method. Bin Shuba for boys Due to the availability of the conditions and the possibilities to achieve the objectives of the research, and after applying the educational curriculum that took 4 weeks at a rate of two units per week and according to the academic schedule, the results of the pre and post measurements of the control and experimental groups were processed, as the conclusions were reached, the most important of which is the positive effect of the method suggested by the researchers in developing skill learning Jump shooting , It also provided the element of suspense for the research sample, as it provided real-time feedback when performing, and the most important recommendations were to take advantage of the aid method when learning and developing the skill of shooting by jumping with basketball and the necessity of applying other research using auxiliary means and identifying its impact with basketball and other games