Adsorption Study for Chromium (VI) on Iraqi Bentonite


The subject of this research involves studying adsorption to remove hexavalent chromium Cr(VI) from aqueous solutions.Adsorption process on bentonite clay as adsorbent was used in the Cr(VI) concentration range (10-100) ppm at different temperatures (298, 303, 308 and 313)K, for different periods of time.The adsorption isotherms were obtained by obeying Langmuir and Freundlich adsorption isotherm with R2 (0.9921-0.9060) and (0.994-0.9998), respectively.The thermodynamic parameters were calculated by using the adsorption process at four different temperatures the values of H, G and S was [(+6.582  +6.547) kJ.mol-1, (-284.560  -343.070) kJ.mol-1 and (+0.977  +1.117) kJ.K-1.mol-1] respectively. This data indicates the spontaneous sorption process. The kinetic study of adsorption process was studied depending on three kinetic equations:1-Lagergren equation2-Morris-Weber equation3-Reichenberg equation