A proposed plan to manage premier basketball clubs in Kurdstan region –Iraq under the spotlight of comprehensive quality criteria


Management in this area has become the cornerstone of development since you cannot find any discovery, activity, change or achievement unless after analyzing it, we find out that management is pushing and stays behind them. Therefore, any attempt to provoke sports, economic and social growth basically needs a developed management which uses scientific approaches in planning, organizing, guidance and supervising to achieve the ideal usage of the available resources and promoting the quality of the production to its highest limits. That is why sport management is an obvious profession that practicing it needs a set of knowledge, skills and trainings based on comprehensive quality criteria. The importance of this research stands out in attempting to guide the head and the members of the administrative staff in the sport clubs in KRG-Iraq and the inevitability of making happen planed changes that cover the culture of the sport clubs in general, and all the aspects of the management and organizing process in specific in order to achieve the best possible performance that helps solving many of the problems relating to management and its quality. The research problem lies in when the administrative functions are not practiced properly and effectively, it results in the failure of the administrative process and failure to achieve the goals that been set. We ought to think about how to do management under the spotlight of comprehensive quality criteria so that it helps the sport club administrates to achieve the goals to contribute in preparing athletes scientifically through club administrates and providing human and material resources. That has motivated the researcher to prepare a proposed administrative plan to the managers of premier basketball clubs in KRG-Iraq under the spotlight of comprehensive quality criteria to upright its status quo. The researcher assumes that there is a lack in administrative experience, qualified human resources and integrated scientific plans in the club administrates targeted in this research. And this research aimed to proposing a distinguished administrative plan to upright its status quo according to the comprehensive quality criteria. The research used the descriptive approach, survey method. The research population consisted of the men basketball clubs in KRG-Iraq. Concerning the research sample, it consisted of 9 premier clubs. The research concluded that: it is necessary to follow plan, organizing, guidance and supervising in the club administrates structures well. It is necessary to develop club’s perspective, massage, strategy and goals and its necessary to manage administrates in a way that ascends to the comprehensive quality criteria. The research recommends that assigning the head and the members of the administrative staff should be based on professional qualifications, scientific specializations and not following just on specific organizing structure, but changing it constantly according to the work needs and also recommends establishing information system to manage comprehensive quality in the clubs.