Implementation of COFDM Reed Solomon using TMS320C6713


This sheet research presents the implementation of Coded Orthogonal Frequency DivisionMultiplexing (COFDM) communication system encoded using Reed Solomon (RS) Coding implemented onTMS320C6713 platform. The collaboration of MATLAB integrated development environment (IDE) and CodeComposer Studio (CCS) are adopted. The real time implementation is one of the most difficult issues of OFDMimplementation. The problem of real time implementation is the memory consumption and the processing time.The other problem is Synchronization of OFDM receiver. Time and frequency synchronization to distinguish thebegin of the OFDM symbol. The capability of RS for encoding the error correction ability makes it the most usederror correction codes algorithm, so we use it with OFDM systems to combining them make the system hasexcellent performance potentiality in multipath and fading channels. The bit error rate and the number of error bitsare calculated during each test on the system.