influence of media policy In the Iraqi political system after 2006


The media policy has greatly affected the institutions of the Iraqi political system, whether official or semi-official, and at the present time the media plays an effective and influential role in societies and the political system and institutions, and has greatly affected public opinion and civil society organizations, meaning that the media is no longer confined to A place or political borders, but has become beyond borders and all means of censorship, and because of the political system’s inability to manage government media institutions, this led to the control of terrorist organizations (ISIS) on the Internet, and through it terrorist organizations spread their news and activities, and used a group of The video tapes were sent to satellite channels, and through these channels, some of the activities carried out by the organization were shown, and that to confront the terrorist organization ISIS, the government media represented by the official channels affiliated with the government must confront and combat the media used by the terrorist organization and prevent it from achieving its goals through Attend sites That promote terrorist Ideology .