The traditional solutions in the sustainable climatic adaptation and its employment in the contemporary housing


Sustainability means, the integration between the ecological, technological, economical and social systems to forming the urban environment to maintain the resources for the future generations. Sustainability focuses on many principles: Using the natural energy, learning from the traditional architecture, minimizing the consumption of the resources. To develop some criteria's for contemporary dwellings in hot dry climate, the research tried to study and analyze the traditional architecture to diagnose its importance and ability to solve contemporary problems, one of which is the lack of comfortable and suitable dwelling units in hot dry climate regions.The research will study the traditional urban fabric components in the hot- arid zone, because the urban experiment in this zone emphasized on the compact forms and considered it the result of the human adaptation to create the comfortable microclimate.The research concludes the effective indicators in the traditional urban fabric and employed it in many of housing clusters in hot arid zone to examine its importance and effect in the formalization of sustainable and suitable housing clusters.