Differences Between Sodium Metasilicate and Silicic Acid as Silica Source for Zeolite Y Nanoparticles Synthesis by Sol- Gel Method


Zeolite Y nanoparticles were synthesized by sal — gel method Different samples using two silica sources were prepared.Sodium metasilicate (Na2Si03) (48% silica) and silicic acid silica (H2SIO3) (75% silica) were employed as sihca source and aluminum nitrate (Al(N03)3.9H20) was the aluminum source with tetrapropylammonium hydroxide(TPA Of- as templating agent.The synthesized samples were characterized by X-ray dW?action, showed the requirement different aging time for complete crystallization to be achieved. Transmission Electronic Microscope (TEM) images, showed the particles were in the same range of 30 — 75 nm PT-JR spectroscopy, showed the synthesized samples having the zeolite Y crystal properties. The initial mixing silica to alumina raao (5i02/A was 10, but, sodium metasilicate sample was of 2.55 final ratio, while silicic acid sample have 18.41 and the surface area as tested by BET was of 55587 m2/g from sodium metasilicate sample and 276.3 m2/gfrom silicic acid sample.