Aerotriangulation by Coplanarity


Before corresponding points in photos taken with two cameras can be used to recover distances to objects in a scene, one has to determine the position and orientation of one camera relative to the other. This is the classic photogrammetric problem of aerotriangulation. Iterative methods for determining X,Y,Z ground positions for unknown points using aerotriangulation process, were developed long ago; without them we would not have most of the topographic maps we do today.Described here in this research a simple iterative scheme for recovering relative orientation process then applying intersection problem (vector method) using the condition of coplanarity, out of the usual for photogrammetrists in using the familiar condition of collinearity. The data required is a pair of bundles of corresponding rays from the two projection centers to points in the scene. It is well known that at least five pairs of rays are needed, because, each object point gives only one equation. The results were amazing according to the variances that have been obtained for the angular orientation elements. The programs have been written using Matlab software ver. 5.3.