Measuring the effect of production factors on the quantity of dates in Iraq for the period from (2010 – 2021) using the Cobb-Douglas


The research aims to address the issue of the quantities produced from dates in Iraq for the period from 2010-2021 and the impact of the factors of production on the land and work on those quantities produced. Because of the importance of this agricultural product that Iraq is famous for and is included in the food program and for being a suitable place for production. As well as the possibility of achieving economic benefits through Its contribution to supplying local production and national income, which makes it necessary to pay attention to the factors affecting production and to research the reasons for the decrease in the quantities produced using the means of scientific research. Where the research here relied on the use of the Cobb-Douglas function to measure the effect on the productivity of the variables assumed in the model (the land as two gardens, and work) as independent variables and their impact on the dependent variable (the amount of production) within the study period. Field research and the research recommended a set of recommendations, including the adoption of the density of culture for the same cultivated area and the same amount of workers available.